Breaking 2

Skiba, Jones and Clark in Ethiopia

A year or two ago, I sort of went >poof<, and vanished from the (public) sports performance world. It wasn’t an easy disappearing act to pull off! I got a lot of email and phone calls from friends, colleagues and athletes alike, all of whom were wondering if I had finally run away to join the circus, as I have often threatened to do.

As many of you now know, I was recruited to join a top-secret “moonshot” project to attempt to break the 2-Hour Marathon Barrier. You can read some of the press, and see some video in the links below. Thanks to all my colleagues at Nike for giving me the opportunity, and thanks to Advocate Medical Group and especially Dr. Tarek Karaman, who were willing to lend me out for travel to Oregon, Kenya, Ethiopia, Spain and Italy to help realize the project. Stay tuned for the documentary, which will broadcast on the National Geographic Channel later this year!

Overview of the Project:
Meet Athlete Eliud Kipchoge:
Meet Athlete Zerzenay Tadese:
Meet Athlete Lelisa Desisa:
Complete Race Broadcast:
Radio Coverage:
This is a 3 part series that aired on CBS radio and affiliates, in Chicago and elsewhere, over a period of 2 weeks. The 4th link is the interview in it’s entirety.

Part One: Calculating the Impossible, 2-Hour Marathon Attempt

Part Two: Calculating the Impossible, 2-Hour Marathon Attempt

Part Three: Calculating the Impossible, 2-Hour Marathon Attempt

Calculating the Impossible – Using Math to Make Records Happen

The Steve Cochran radio show on May 3 on WGN.  You can hear me starting around 1:42:30.

Print Coverage:

Internet Radio Coverage: (I am interviewed around 16:20 in this podcast)