Endurance Medicine Clinic

Effective November 19th 2012, I’ve taken a position as the Program Director of the sports medicine fellowship at my alma mater, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, in Chicagoland. Built by my friend and mentor Dr. Bill Briner over the past 20 years, the sports medicine program here is among the most respected in the world. It is an honor and a privilege for me to have the opportunity to direct it.

Because of the academic nature of my new practice, I have been presented the opportunity to do something I have always wanted, which is develop a sub-specialty clinic to address the unique medical needs of endurance athletes. When you ask how an injury or illness will affect your track workouts versus your endurance workouts versus your master’s swimming program, is your doctor able to give you clear advice? The fact is, most physicians aren’t lucky enough to see a significant number of patients who are seeking both health and performance. Oftentimes, this leads to athletes receiving very safe, but not necessarily state-of-the-art guidance in terms of recovery and return to sport. Moreover, many physicians don’t have significant experience dealing with issues that are common in endurance athletes, but very rare in the rest of the medical (even sports medical) world. This can lead to shuffling from specialist to specialist with no clear plan.

In contrast, my goal is to cater to you, specifically. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career providing coaching, testing, and medical consultation to world champion, world-class and amateur endurance athletes from all over the world. This unique mix of roles allows me to approach your medical care from the inside out. I take into account your real-world needs as an athlete interested in performing at the top of your abilities. I coordinate care with your coaches, physical therapists, and other allied professionals in order to get you back into sport as safely and quickly as possible.

Athletes making appointments at the clinic will be scheduling to see me, personally. Initially, we’ll be up and running Wednesday afternoons starting on December 5, at the Nesset Pavillion. However, rest assured that if you are traveling a long distance or from outside of the United States, I can also make accommodations for your schedule. (Note that my office is only 10 minutes from Chicago O’Hare International Airport). Whether addressing a troublesome injury or the management of another medical condition and the way it affects your ability to participate in sport, I’d love to see you. Just be sure to bring any existing tests, films or relevant medical records along for your visit. We have radiology and diagnostic ultrasound in-house, and I also direct our state-of-the-art human performance and physiology laboratory, which allows us to immediately perform any necessary testing.

The practice accepts most medical insurance policies, so you shouldn’t have too many hassles there. Give us a call at (847) 318-6020 and let me show you the difference that world-class sports medicine can make.

Important Note: The sports medicine program and Endurance Medicine clinic remain totally separate from my coaching and professional sports consulting work. Please contact me through this website for access to those services.