Performance Consulting

The PhysFarm Difference

A Unique Education
Dr. Skiba brings his unique background to our consulting services. A scientist for more than 20 years, Dr. Skiba is board certified in sports medicine and regularly lectures and publishes research in exercise science. You can rest assured that when he presents you with advice, it will be based on scientific principle. The main reason he is the choice of world champions and Olympians is that his evidence-based approach to training works.

A Physician’s Understanding
Dr. Skiba is a physician. Although PhysFarm does not provide medical treatment, the fact that our corporation is headed by doctor means our programs have an uncommon depth in terms of your anatomy and physiology. We have a unique perspective on your diet, training, and psychology. We understand the ‘big picture’, which is why we will bring out the best in you.

The New School is in Session
Dr. Skiba has done extensive research in training measurement and performance prediction. Though other organizations are attempting to catch-up with these advancements, PhysFarm remains the leader. We are not interested in rehashing training lore or urban legends from the gym. We take the best of what coaches have learned over the centuries, and spend our own time, energy and money developing innovative tools to make you stronger and faster. In short, we give you / your coach the resources to take your performance to the next level.

Real Information, Not Hype
You will not find a lot of hype here. We are not here to sell you on some new supplement or diet. We bring science and reality to the table, not half-baked theories or marketing buzzwords. You want background on our programs? You’ll get a list of references from the best journals in the world, not something from the local gym. You need to work hard. We’re here to tell you how to be as productive as possible with your time and energy.

Customized, Personal and Professional Service
Dr. Skiba believes there is a need for training based on the actual function of the human body. He started PhysFarm Training Systems because of his own passion for the work, and it shows. His personalized approach that treats each athlete as a unique individual has brought his amateur and professional athletes alike to places they only dreamed of earlier, whether a new personal best in a local race or a new world record.